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I try to make my USTs easy to mix, but it might have a lot of parts if the song uses a lot of different effects
If there's anything wrong with the links, please send me a message to my youtube account

Finished USTs

47 (VCV)
afterglow (VCV)
A Happy Death (VCV)
And Then You Became the Moon (VCV)
A Ribbon of Sudden Evening Showers (VCV)
Ayano's Theory of Happiness (VCV)
Coffin of Sweet Death (VCV - CV)
Dolls (VCV)
Hirari, Hirari (VCV)
In Reverse (VCV)
Kienai Hitomi (VCV - CV)
Kokoro (VCV) (CV)
Kokoro Kiseki
Kotoba no Uta (VCV)
Light Lag (CV - VCV)
Love me. Love me. Love me. (VCV) (CV)
Persecution Complex Cellphone Girl (VCV)
Ripen, Fruitless Flower (VCV)
Rockbell (VCV)
Seasonal Feathers (VCV)
Setsuna Plus (VCV)
sigh (VCV)
Soleil (VCV) (Off vocal)
Sweet Float Flats (VCV) (CV)
The Transient Apple Salesgirl (VCV)
Toeto (VCV)
Violet (VCV)
Who's Afraid of the Wolf? (VCV)


NeeMiSo & Macnspam:
Answer (VCV)
Alice (VCV)
Alice -acoustic arrange- (VCV)
Sekiranun Graffiti (VCV)
Sword of Drossel (VCV)
Hocus Pocus (VCV)
The Little Mermaid (VCV)
Twiright Prank (VCV - CV)
Please, don't have laid down your life (VCV)

The Evillious Chronicles (mothy)
(Those with no links are not made yet)
000? Project MA (VCV - CV)
000? Escape of the Witch Salmhofer (CV - VCV)
001 Moonlit bear (VCV- CV)
013 Tsuisou no Orugooru - (VCV)
014 Okisari Tsukiyosyou
015 Chrono Story - (CV - VCV)
136 Duke Venomania's Madness (VCV)
141~ Flower of the Plateau (VCV - CV - CV romaji)
325 Repulsive Eater Girl Conchita
491 Twiright Prank (VCV - CV)
499 ~ Itsuki no musume ~Millennium of Wiegenlied~ (VCV - CV - CV romaji)
499 ~ Daughter of White (VCV)
500 Servant of Evil
500 Daughter of Evil
501 Regret Message (-Ballad ver-) (VCV)
501 Re_birthday (-Acoustic ver.) (VCV)
505 Handbeat Clocktower (CV - VCV)
609 Gift from the Princess who brought sleep - (CV and VCV)
610 The 5th Pierrot
610 The Last Revolver
842 Enbizaka's Tailor Shop
983 Miniature Garden Girl / Hakoniwa no Shoujo-  (CV and VCV)
983 Judgment of Corruption
990 master of the graveyard
990 master of the court - (VCV)

Other mothy songs:
To the Reticent you / Mukuchi na Kimi e (VCV)
Madame Merry-go-round (VCV-CV)

Low-quality/old USTs

Removed: Circus Monster, Confession Rehearsal, Confession Rival Declaration, Sorry for being a closet otaku,
- and many others

USTs in making


Requesting USTs

If you want to request a UST, please send a message to my youtube account with link to: on vocal, off vocal, and romaji or hiragana (not kanji) lyrics to the song.
I prefer not to make songs from anime or human singing, because of copyright problems, and I have often problems making them.
I'm really slow at making USTs, so it will often take a (very) long time to make it.

(edited: Removed links to old USTs. The USTs are now in alphabetical order)


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  2. Hello! I downloaded a lot of your USTs! their really good!
    Thanks for the TwiRight Prank one, I searched for it for a loooong time!
    It's the link to my UTAUloid's blog. If you want you can visit the page. The songs are not very good, but soon I will post better ones!
    Thanks again for the USTs and sorry if I don't have a good English. I'm Italian

  3. Wow, good jobI looked long time "kokoro" and finally I found to this page :3

  4. mmm, thanks for the ust's, but in the section of songs mothy think you should update it, since these are 3 new songs:

    Survival 'Ma'-Who Will Survive? -
    Whereabouts of the Miracle-Catastrophe-
    Clockworker-recollective Musicbox-

    1. I have a UST to Whereabouts of the Miracle - Catastrophe -

  5. WOW!!! Thanks, you UST is very, very good!

    em... can you make the UST of "Master of the Graveyard"??

    please, is my song favorite, okey nathing more, mmm... Sayon'nara ^^

    PD: I'm chilean, and my English is a Sh*t ^^U, okey, byeeee ^^

    1. I can't make an UST for Master of the Graveyard, I haven't found an instrumental for it yet.

      Don't worry, my English isn't perfect either ^^ (I'm norwegian)

  6. Please. Make you a ust from madness of duke venomania and,if you can,make a muzzle of nemesis ust(is the song of sin of wrath) thanks

  7. Hello, how are you?? okey...

    You can make the ust or vsq of Mangetsu no jikkenshitsu/Full moon laboratory??

    is only a question anymore ;)

    mmm this, i hope that you can make this xD

    okey, bye

    PD: saluditos desde chile -the translate not translate this XD-

    1. Hi, sorry for the late reply.
      I did try to make a ust/vsq for that song, but I haven't found an off vocal/instrumental for it, so I can't finish it yet.

    2. don't worry, the Instrumental/off vocal not exist by Download, but i can use a program to make a similar version of ths song, in soon as have it in my power i notice and i will send ;)

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  8. You can make the ust for ''Dumbass with no Return'' (ノータリン・ノーリターン), by Midori No Hi, with Teto. There is an off-vocal version too..

    So the song: (Instrumental and lyrics are in the description)

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    1. Hi, I saw your reply in my mail before you deleted it. That song has been on my to-do list for a while. I will start working on it^^

  10. Hi neemiso xD

    em... are you can the Song 7 crimes and Punishment'???

    The off vocal is in youtube ^^

  11. THANKS ! :D
    I love your ust

    its easy to mix them :D

    Thanks !

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  14. Will the Yaranaika UST be finished anytime soon? I really want that one

  15. hey could you send me a link to 鬼と娘 UST? I really want to cover this song, I don't care if it's old or need adjustments, pleasee

    1. Hi,
      I had to search through my old HDD but I did find the file.
      Feel free to edit as much as you want. I made it almost 7 years ago so the quality is a bit... orz

  16. Hi there. I wonder if it is possible to remake or reupload tell your world piano. ive been on the haunt for it for month s now and yeah the page im traced back to is here and i cant find it :( But i respect if not of course. :)

      really old so you might need to edit it a lot

  17. Hi! I was wondering if you still have Onii Yuukai's ust around somewhere. I used to have it but a long time ago my computer died and I lost everything, so I didn't have a chance to use it. Thanks anyways and by the way glad to see you active again!

    1. Onii Yuukai:

  18. Hella dude, i was thinking, Could you do or do you have an off vocal version of master of the Graveyard, thanks for your time and good job,really really good dude

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  20. Hello! Do you still have your Sword of Drossel UST?

    1. Tried to edit the page but they've changed how this page works so idk how to do it anymore...